What is CBG Or Cannabigerol Oil?

What is CBG oil? Let us begin by answering the burning question most asked about this new alternative anti-aging treatment! What is CBG oil? Well, like CBD and THC, CBG is a cannabis-likeatile Cannabidiol-like chemical substance extracted from the cannabis plant. If your are interested in CBD salve for your skin, then check out this site.

This is a natural substance derived from the cannabis plant. It was developed using a technique called trans-resveratrol synthesis and it contains a wealth of plant steroids and terpenes (essential oils). CBG oil is extracted using industrial equipment that extracts of the plant’s active compounds in a non-toxic, petrochemical process. After being purified and treated to satisfy stringent manufacturing standards, CBG is then chilled to maintain its potency and quality before being formulated into a pharmaceutical grade product.

How is CBG oil formulated and tested? Today, companies like Nature Research Corporation and Grafton Pharmaceuticals are using sophisticated analytical methodologies to identify the unique properties of each CBG compound. Each sample is then analyzed for potency and purity using multiple analytical methods including gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, turbidity, pH, and the Heater/Gas Analysis Assay. Only the best compounds can be used to develop clinically effective pharmaceutical products.

The unique chemistry and pharmaceutical properties of CBG oil were discovered over 75 years ago when German scientists learned that the concentration of certain fatty acids was increased during the flowering phase of the cannabis plant. When these fatty acids were isolated and treated with a little heat, they gave off ethyl salts and oil droplets. These oil droplets were taken and studied by the Russian scientist, who noticed that the same reaction took place when CBG content was changed from a dimethylated monomer to the much more concentrated and oil. Get to learn more about CBG tinctures from this page.

Today, Grafton Pharmaceuticals and other companies like it make a pharmaceutical grade concentrated extract from CBG oil through a process called expression which involves treating the oil with metal ions and coupling them to a carrier compound. Once these two compounds are blended with a carrier, CBG oil is formulated into a pharmaceutical grade, sublingual tablet form. A single sublingual tablet contains enough of the Cannabigerol to treat a whole patient and so is usually prescribed by a physician. A larger, more potent sublingual product is available and can be prescribed to help reduce the symptom effects of certain illnesses and to help increase the patient’s appetite.

Why is CBG oil different from other herbal and nutritional supplements? Recent clinical studies have shown that the plant’s active ingredient has significant anti-inflammatory activity. It appears to reduce blood platelet adhesion, which may account for the benefits seen with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In addition, cannabigerol reduces the size of infected colon tissues and decreases the level of inflammatory cytokines in the blood stream, another important factor in treating these diseases. Further clinical studies are currently underway and may further highlight the benefits of this natural remedy. Meanwhile, Grafton Pharmaceuticals has invested millions of dollars in research to further understand the benefits of this plant. Discover more about CBG from this post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabigerol.

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